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About that pain in my… Wrist and elbow, low back, hips and buttocks

0.3 CEUs, PS

Detailed descriptions and explanation of orthopedic considerations for pain and dysfunction in multiple problematic areas of the lower body. Understanding of how interpreter mechanics contribute to injury and simple techniques to integrate into a daily interpreting regimen to manage and prevent injury. These workshops consist of several movement labs. Feel free to jump in and participate or just observe. To get the most out of the labs have a space for standing and moving. Some things that you might have around the house that we will be using are: exercise mat, foam roller, lacrosse style ball, broom or mop stick, resistance band. After class access to exercise videos will be provided.

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4.8/5.0The activity provided opportunities to develop skill and/or awareness.

4.8/5.0The learning materials used were effective and complimented the goals of the activity.

4.8/5.0This activity will contribute to my professional growth.

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  • Summit Attendee

    Joel presented another good and beneficial workshop. I learned a lot about how to prevent and/or deal with specific pain. I appreciate all that he taught us.

  • Summit Attendee

    Another terrific workshop presented by Joel. I learned many useful exercises that I will use in my daily life. Thanks, Joel!

  • Summit Attendee

    Best workshop for self care I've been to! I will use everything from this workshop as well as look for more from this presenter. Thank you

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Joel Willis

For the past 18 years, after graduating from Loma Linda University School of Allied Health, I have enjoyed working in a variety of rehab settings including acute hospitals, outpatient orthopedic centers, and home health care to name a few. Over 10 years ago, I also decided to pursue my certification as an ASL interpreter which was the result of a long standing love for the Deaf community. During this journey I have had the honor of helping countless individuals of every age demographic reach their physical wellness goals through hands on techniques and a passion for communication and teaching. As a husband and father of two I understand how important our physical health is to maintaining a balanced and fulfilled life. As both a therapist and interpreter I get what our bodies are dealing with as we perform our craft each day and I want to help you be on the path to your strongest self!
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