Presented at the 2023 Summit

Asian Deaf Communities and The Use of Non-Manual Markers Among East Asians

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As Asian Americans are becoming visible in Deaf communities, there is a lack of information and resources out there in the United States due to various factors. Especially in the interpreting field, not many have an opportunity to learn about Asian Deaf communities in general. In this workshop, we first will focus on what the term ‘Asian’ means with goals to diversify the reframing of persons with Asian descent. Moreover, let’s talk about why Asians are not a monolith. Then we will be able to identify an ethnicity by an ‘Ask Culture' approach to have a better understanding. The next part will be narrowed to the non-manual markers or NMM. It is part of the fifth component in the ASL parameter. Not all Asians use the same facial expressions. So, how does cultural expression differentiate? In this area, we can compare East Asians and White Americans with goals to dismantle the stereotypical characters. In addition, the Grammar of Culture plays a role in every aspect of human communication as well as facilitation in interpreting.

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    Thank you for letting us learn more about Asian Deaf Culture and our own stigmas

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    I very much enjoyed this workshop and appreciated all the examples given and real world application in our field. Thank you

  • Summit Attendee

    This was a beautiful workshop on a topic that needs more light. Thank you for shedding it!

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Deaf Linguist

Lee Ann Tang

Growing up in New Jersey with a large signing family, Lee Ann Tang was adopted from China to the United States at age five where her life forever blossomed. She identifies herself as an Asian-American, Chinese adoptee, and Deaf. She’s an educator and a linguist. She graduated from California State University, Northridge in 2018 and then Gallaudet University in 2021. She has always been immersed in languages, especially signed languages. Outside academics, she serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Asian Signers, a Deaf-led nonprofit organization est. 2020, to elevate the awareness about persons of Asian descent in Deaf and signing communities.
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