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Climate Change, Existential Threat, and the Question of Sustainability: Imagining “Practitioner Development”

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Interpreters face an existential threat – to their careers and, depending on where they work, even to their health. Within a few short years from the start of their work, many interpreters shift from thinking they have found the “best job ever” to considering an early departure from the profession. In addition, interpreters are also experiencing threats from the climate change of work – the very way they now provide services. Increasing amounts of work are occurring online through remote platforms which not only increases demands but decreases controls. Stress, burnout and early departure or attrition are the most researched and ongoing topics in the field, starting as early back as the 1980s. In response to this, there is increased talk about work-life balance, setting boundaries, and self-care. All of this signals that perhaps, interpreting is not a life-long career or, maybe, we are missing effective interventions. This workshop is designed to consider how we might imagine professional development– a reimagined practitioner development instead. We will consider how current educational activities within the field are designed and the degree to which they result in the formation of interpreting practitioners. Further, we will imagine other ways to consider practitioner development – those which are also normative and restorative.

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4.9/5.0The activity provided opportunities to develop skill and/or awareness.

4.9/5.0The learning materials used were effective and complimented the goals of the activity.

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    Tons of food for thought! I look forward to implementing what I learned here into my interpreting practice. Thanks!

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    Appreciated the content as well as the pace. The opportunity for reflection was critical to it being restorative and not just formative.

  • Summit Attendee

    This workshop was so well organized and contained information that is immediately useful for refection on my work, professional development, and sustainability of my career. Thank you!

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Summit Presenter

Robyn Dean

Robyn K. Dean, CI/CT, PhD: Robyn has been a nationally certified signed language interpreter for over twenty-five years with particular service in the field of healthcare. Her scholarship in decision-making and ethics in community interpreting is recognized internationally. Robyn has over twenty publications, all of which focus on the theoretical and pedagogical frameworks used to advance the practice of community interpreters. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where she is the lead instructor on the institute’s postgraduate degree in healthcare interpretation. Robyn also consults on postgraduate degrees for signed language interpreters in Europe.
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