Presented at the 2023 Summit

Deaf Scientists, Engineers, and Chemists: Exploring their Contributions and Challenges

0.3 CEUs, PS PPO

This workshop is intended to introduce ASL interpreters to the world of deaf scientists, engineers, and chemists. Participants will gain an understanding of the contributions these individuals have made to their fields, as well as the unique challenges they have faced as deaf professionals. The workshop will begin with an overview of deafness and how it affects communication, followed by a brief history of the deaf community's contributions to science and technology. The workshop will also examine the specific challenges faced by deaf scientists, engineers, and chemists, such as accessing information, communicating with hearing colleagues, and navigating a hearing-dominated workplace. Participants will learn about various accommodations and technologies that can support deaf professionals in their work. Throughout the workshop, there will be opportunities for participants to practice interpreting in ASL, with a focus on scientific and technical terminology. Participants will also have the chance to engage in small group discussions and case studies that explore the intersection of deafness and professional life. By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained an appreciation for the contributions of deaf scientists, engineers, and chemists, as well as an understanding of the unique challenges they face. They will also have developed skills in interpreting technical language related to these fields in ASL, and strategies for effectively communicating with deaf professionals. Come join us and expand your knowledge of deaf scientists, engineers, and chemists!

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Reviews from The Summit

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4.8/5.0The activity provided opportunities to develop skill and/or awareness.

4.8/5.0The learning materials used were effective and complimented the goals of the activity.

4.8/5.0This activity will contribute to my professional growth.

4.9/5.0The instructor interacted with the participants in a professional manner.

  • Summit Attendee

    Shiran was amazing! She was so knowledgeable and patient. She was a wonderful presenter.

  • Summit Attendee

    Shes awesome!!!! Champs! Lively workshop!

  • Summit Attendee

    What great instruction! The fear of the topic was removed. Instead I am encouraged to give science another look if, for nothing else, to make the work I do as comprehensive and clear as possible.

Meet Your Presenter

B.S.Chem, M.S.Ch.E

Shiran Zhavian

Shiran Zhavian is a Chemical Engineer, with experience as a Cell Therapy Processing Tech. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Gallaudet University, and continued her education to pursue a Master of Science at Manhattan College. She began her career as a science teacher at Lexington School for the Deaf in Queens, where she taught high school chemistry, biology, and earth science. She also volunteered her time to coach both the Academic Bowl team, as well as the girls' volleyball team. She went on to work in the lab at New York Blood Center where she focused on Myeloproliferative Disorders Research. She is currently teaching math at New York School for the Deaf in Westchester County, as well as tutoring students at LaGuardia Community College. Shiran is a well known and respected member of the Deaf community. She was crowned Miss Deaf New York in 2009 and is often a fixture at various tri-state area Deaf events. In 2011, she appeared as herself in the documentary film, Deaf Jam. In her spare time, she enjoys seeing family and friends, reading about current affairs, solving math equations for fun, and staying active. She is extremely passionate about physical fitness, and can often be found in the gym, hiking in the mountains, or playing volleyball.
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