Presented at the 2023 Summit

Facial Expression, Where?!

0.3 CEUs, PS

Interpreters promise full access to communication for the Deaf community. However, how often do they incorporate non-manual signals (NMS) in their interpretation? NMS includes facial expressions, body movements, classifiers, and the like. Without the use of NMS, will Deaf clients/patients fully understand the concepts of simple and complex messages? This workshop will focus on understanding the possible challenges for interpreters to use NMS as well as the impacts of this on the Deaf community. This workshop will offer hands-on activities to interpret using NMS. This workshop will also allow participants to self-evaluate their skills, to determine their strengths and weaknesses to understand which areas they need more support in.

Workshop Curriculum

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Reviews from The Summit

Average Rating

4.7/5.0The activity provided opportunities to develop skill and/or awareness.

4.3/5.0The learning materials used were effective and complimented the goals of the activity.

4.4/5.0This activity will contribute to my professional growth.

4.6/5.0The instructor interacted with the participants in a professional manner.

  • Summit Attendee

    This stretched me in a good way! Facial expressions are meant to be added to more utterances than just showing intensity or laziness - game changer.

  • Summit Attendee

    This was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about how to simplify and communicate by expression rather than "word-signs". Loved it! Thanks very much.

  • Summit Attendee

    Loved it! Made us feel very comfortable joining in and participating. It was a lot of fun and a lot of learning.

Meet Your Presenter

Daniel Israilov

He notices every single thing. His eyes capture the smallest details and he learns to imitate with his own art. This is where Visual Vernacular comes in, for him. Born in Kazakhstan, then moved to Israel at the age of nine. At dinner tables, he’d impersonate family members, cracking jokes, and telling stories. At the age of 24, there were more platforms to express his art, and he did just that on his social media. The storytelling led him to his wife, whom he married in New York City, the city that watered his artistic seeds. As he learned American Sign Language (ASL), he found that what he has been doing all along is called Visual Vernacular (VV). He continued to immerse himself in telling stories using VV and doing stand up comedy. He was rich in knowledge: knowing four languages and understanding several cultures - it was time for him to deliver. A year later, he performed at colleges, non-profit organizations, and poetry clubs with his VV stories. He competed at ASL Elements with various talented VV artists. He taught ASL at Sign Language Center, teaching students how to navigate the language. With the modality of his fingers, his facial expressions and his body movements, he can tell endless stories.
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