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How to G.R.O.W.: Practical Strategies to Fighting Unconscious Bias

0.3 CEUs, PS PPO

Did you know that every second our body on consciously processes only 0.0000004% of the 11,000,000 bits of information it receives? The billions of stimuli that bypass rational and logical thinking and influence our behaviors and how we navigate the world around us. Answers to questions such as: "Do I trust this person?" and "Is that person competent?" have already been formulated before I even meet a person. That is unconscious bias; a powerful invisible enemy to good intentions. Even though no one is exempt from its pitfalls, we can take steps to align our unconscious behaviors with our conscious intentions on a personal, social, and systemic level. In this interactive workshop, we will identify the scientific root cause of unconscious bias and develop strategies to combat its negative effects.

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    I appreciate the clear explanations and teaching style in this workshop.

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    PPO is not an easy course to teach. Brent did a wonderful and professional job

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    Excellent presenter!

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B.Ed., NIC, Ed:K-12

Brent Tracy

Brent Tracy is a proud CODA and native Bostonian. Since starting his interpreting career at Gallaudet University in 1999, Brent has worn several professional hats: interpreter, coordinator, advocate, mentor, and presenter. After witnessing and experiencing numerous inequities both personally and professionally, his aim has been to address these inequities caused by a historically strained cultural climate among hearing, Deaf, CODA practitioners, and stakeholders. He leverages his influence as CEO of Equal Access Resources on public platforms including social media to foster honest dialogues that will galvanize stakeholders to champion change for the ASL community. In his leisure time, Brent enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and 2 amazing children and creating unique handmade bow ties for his business KnotTied.
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