Presented at the 2023 Summit

Understanding Your Limitations

0.3 CEUs, PS

This workshop will focus on critical thinking and work ethics for ASL interpreters working in the Deaf community. Discover the importance of developing critical thinking skills for effectively interpreting and understanding Deaf individuals' unique needs and perspectives. Understand how recognizing and accepting limitations as an interpreter can help maintain a strong work ethic, and explore strategies for managing potential challenges. As part of this workshop, we will also discuss self-awareness, self-reflection, and ongoing professional development. Join us for an informative and engaging session!

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Reviews from The Summit

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4.6/5.0The activity provided opportunities to develop skill and/or awareness.

4.5/5.0The learning materials used were effective and complimented the goals of the activity.

4.6/5.0This activity will contribute to my professional growth.

4.8/5.0The instructor interacted with the participants in a professional manner.

  • Summit Attendee

    Great discussions...awesome questions posed to meditate..

  • Summit Attendee

    Presenter is amazing. Clarity, engagement with the material and every single participant!! Dignified the audience with attention & respect for each contribution but came to the table with plenty to share!! Will take session with her again when I can!! Thank you.

  • Summit Attendee

    Enjoyed a group discussion.

Meet Your Presenter

Deaf Instructor

Malinda Tran

My name is Malinda Tran. I’m from Chicago, Illinois. As I was growing up, I went to a mainstream school where I learned “SEE” also known as “Signed Exact English.”  I went to high school at Illinois School for the Deaf, learned ASL, and went to college at Gallaudet University.  There I received my Bachelor of Arts and focused on Family and Children Studies with a minor in Spanish.   As I continued my life’s journey, I was given the volunteer opportunity to teach Deaf immigrants.  I was able to teach them to understand and write English, as well as ASL- that was enjoyable for me!  Later on in my journey, I was lead to another teaching opportunity at a college where I became a Master Tutor for the ASL lab classes.  It was WONDERFUL to see students eager to learn and asking so many great and inspiring questions.  Even after that, I was determined to learn more.  I continued my own education to get my Master of Arts degree in Sign Language Education.
FRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This Professional Studies program is offered for 0.3 CEU's at the ‘Some’ Content Knowledge Level. TerpAcademy promotes an environment of mutual respect, free of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or any other protected class.